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Five good reasons to add acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) to your health care regimen:

1. Acupuncture treatments are a sound investment toward improved and continued health. When compared to the cost of pharmaceuticals, acupuncture treatments are not only affordable, but improve primary complaints as well as overall well being without the side-effects that come with prescribed drugs.

2. Acupuncture treatments are exponentially effective: each treatment adds to the previous treatment to overcome the persistence of chronic ailments and restore the patient to health.

3. Acupuncture is truly holistic: whether the source of illness is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, acupuncture treatments can resolve not only the primary complaint but the many minor symptoms that may have preceded it.

4. Acupuncture as understood within the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine dovetails well with conventional (“Western”) medicine protocols. It can accelerate recovery from surgery and support the immune system.

5. Acupuncture is non-invasive, and as Ms. Vollhardt practices it, painless. Relaxation, increased well-being, improved energy, and emotional release can all occur as the result of an acupuncture treatment — and all of these promote improvement in illness as well as preventing illness in the future.

The time and money spent in acupuncture treatments restore health, improve energy, reduce stress, and reduce sick leave from work. And in the long run, it often proves more economical than conventional medicine approaches to treating illness.

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To my fellow acupuncturists who receive patient inquiries via the web: if you receive an email from someone who says they’re visiting from out of country, or out of state, and wants to pay for the visits in advance via cashier’s check mailed, think twice! Google their email and see what you find out…to lose the clinic hours for a bogus cashier’s check isn’t worth the risk! Take care, and check any email inquiries that seem too good to be true (ideally, someone should tell you how they found out about you, or if they’re emailing you on the referral of someone you know).

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T’ai chi ch’uan literally translates as “grand ultimate fist”. The grand ultimate is symbolized by what we in the west call the ‘yin-yang symbol’ (the t’ai chi t’u). This symbol illustrates the concept of a still point at the center of dynamic movement.

T’ai chi ch’uan is an excellent adjunct to acupuncture treatment. Because it is a moving exercise, and the movements have been designed to promote qi flow in certain meridians in a certain sequence, it helps resolve many types of pain patterns. Its use of movement together with standing makes it ideal for women with menstrual difficulties, menopausal symptoms, or women recovering from childbirth because it promotes free flow of qi through the uterus.