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Five good reasons to add acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) to your health care regimen:

1. Acupuncture treatments are a sound investment toward improved and continued health. When compared to the cost of pharmaceuticals, acupuncture treatments are not only affordable, but improve primary complaints as well as overall well being without the side-effects that come with prescribed drugs.

2. Acupuncture treatments are exponentially effective: each treatment adds to the previous treatment to overcome the persistence of chronic ailments and restore the patient to health.

3. Acupuncture is truly holistic: whether the source of illness is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, acupuncture treatments can resolve not only the primary complaint but the many minor symptoms that may have preceded it.

4. Acupuncture as understood within the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine dovetails well with conventional (“Western”) medicine protocols. It can accelerate recovery from surgery and support the immune system.

5. Acupuncture is non-invasive, and as Ms. Vollhardt practices it, painless. Relaxation, increased well-being, improved energy, and emotional release can all occur as the result of an acupuncture treatment — and all of these promote improvement in illness as well as preventing illness in the future.

The time and money spent in acupuncture treatments restore health, improve energy, reduce stress, and reduce sick leave from work. And in the long run, it often proves more economical than conventional medicine approaches to treating illness.

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To my fellow acupuncturists who receive patient inquiries via the web: if you receive an email from someone who says they’re visiting from out of country, or out of state, and wants to pay for the visits in advance via cashier’s check mailed, think twice! Google their email and see what you find out…to lose the clinic hours for a bogus cashier’s check isn’t worth the risk! Take care, and check any email inquiries that seem too good to be true (ideally, someone should tell you how they found out about you, or if they’re emailing you on the referral of someone you know).

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Acupuncture as a way to prevent lactation issues in case medicine treatment is prohibited

Acupuncture can help you take care of any possible issues that arise during lactation. Being one of the most popular, safe and effective Chinese medicine techniques, acupuncture works wonders during the time where medicine treatment is strictly prohibited. Most issues that happen during lactation have to do with insufficient milk supply. The factors that cause them may include C-section, difficult childbirth, hypervolemia, and various others.

Here are some acupressure points that can help you:

  • SI1 (Shaoze). Aside from helping normalize breast milk production, the indication for this lactation-promoting pressure point includes stiff neck, migraines, issues with hearing, and painful sensations in joints.
  • GB21 (Jianjing). This acupressure point is among the most powerful, applying pressure to it can stimulate labor. Jianjing has also proven to be incredibly effective when it comes to milk ejection reflex.
  • CV17 (Shanzhong). Shanzhong pressure point helps alleviate nipple pain/trauma to the nipple.
  • ST36 (Zusanli). Zusanli is used to prevent the production of milk in females after the birth in case breastfeeding is prohibited for medical reasons. Zusanli’s effectiveness is unmatched, so, for all intents and purposes, you can stop ordering Dostinex online and just apply required pressure to this point.
  • SI1 (Shaoze). Shaoze is an effective way of treating engorgement.

You can find all the required information on how to find these points and how to apply to pressure on them, but we suggest calling a professional. Despite its safeness, there are still some risks involved if the acupuncture procedure is done in the wrong way.

The last point that we want to bring up regards a research conducted by Hanzhong Shaanxi Hospital. It shows that acupuncture has a 100% success rate in females with agalactorrhea (low milk supply). The study has also found that all the females had enjoyed an increase in luteotropin levels after undergoing several acupuncture sessions in the hands of professionals.

Chinese medicine. Acupressure points for sexual energy increase

Traditional Chinese medicine is so unlike its western counterpart. The latter is too logical and concrete for its own good. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, doesn’t mindlessly focus on logic and science, it puts more emphasis on energy, balance, spiritualism, and harmony. It’s been around for centuries without changing all that much and that’s the best proof of its effectiveness – you don’t fix something that isn’t broken.

There are various Chinese medicine practices widely used worldwide, including cupping, herbal treatment, meditation, acupuncture, moxibustion, and Tai chi. For this article, we are focusing only on acupuncture and its effectiveness when it comes to treating any and all sexual issues that may arise during a man’s life. You can look up studies proving that these techniques are as effective as Tadalafil.

Now let’s talk about the most important acupressure points to cure erectile dysfunction and/or increase sexual energy. It should be noted that you need to use a comprehensive acupressure guide to locate the following points:

  1. BL23 (Shenshu) and BL47 (Hunmen). Those two pressure points have earned the name “Sea of Vitality” for a very good reason. They also aid with premature ejaculation. You need to rub them first to produce heat and then you need to press them down (for 60 seconds) with your fingers.
  2. KI1 (Yongquan). The Yongquan point should be stimulated with your thumb (for 60 seconds) while you breathe in deeply.
  3. KI3 (Taixi). The same as above, you need to stimulate Taixi point with your thumb for approximately 60 seconds while trying to direct pressure towards the ankle bone. Breathing in deeply is mandatory.
  4. ST36 (Zusanli). Not only Zusanli is able to brighten your sexual life, it’s also able to with dyschezia, insomnia, and various other wellbeing issues. After locating the points, you need to apply deep pressure to your right leg first for 60 seconds and then do the same with your left leg. In order to completely eradicate ED (in case it’s been bothering you for a while), you need to do this for 3 weeks at least.

Chinese women’s sexuality

Chinese sexuality is deeply rooted in Chinese medicine, it’s a long tradition going way back to the Han Dynasty.

Even in 206 BC, sex was considered more than something that you do to procreate. It was considered a form of healing, a transcendent spiritual practice. Let’s talk about some of the things that Chinese women do right, some of the things that western women can learn from.

Of course, you can’t escape from the Yin and Yang philosophy. It’s all about balance. During intercourse, a man gains more yin energy by pleasing a woman. More yin energy means better overall health. It should be noted that Chinese sexuality in general tends to focus more on female sexual pleasure.

Healing is also a big part of it. Just to reiterate, in accordance with Taoist philosophy, a woman takes in yang energy and produces yin energy. This way, sex is a rewarding experience that is all about giving and receiving. Women are always able to reenergize and revitalize their partners because they are truly devoted to them. Chinese women are oftentimes relentless when it comes to pleasing their man, they don’t have to pop Sildenafil for women or anything like that. They are always in the mood, the giving mood that helps cure body, mind and spirit.

With all the talk of balance and giving/receiving, it is obvious that the end goal is becoming one. By focusing their sexual energy and balancing yin and young, lovers are said to be able to become one. Their experience transcends simple earthly pleasures, they feel deeper connection to the partner, both in body and spirit.

There are many ways to cultivate your sexual energy and we should all take a page from Chinese and their sacred Taoist sexual practices. We suggest further reading. Your sexual life is going to change completely once you start looking at sex as a way to exchange spiritual energy.

The last thing that we want to bring up in our study of Chinese sexuality is the fact that even way back in the day, these people knew how to increase libido in both males and females. There’s a number of ways the Chinese approached this difficult subject, most of them revolve around herbal remedies and medical herbs.

For example, Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) is a plant that rises testosterone production by way of stimulating the hypophysis to release lutrophin (a hormone that alleviates testosterone levels and increases sperm mobility). There are many other plants that are still used for sexual invigoration, for example Damiana, Tongkat Ali, and Asian Ginseng.

T’ai chi ch’uan literally translates as “grand ultimate fist”. The grand ultimate is symbolized by what we in the west call the ‘yin-yang symbol’ (the t’ai chi t’u). This symbol illustrates the concept of a still point at the center of dynamic movement.

T’ai chi ch’uan is an excellent adjunct to acupuncture treatment. Because it is a moving exercise, and the movements have been designed to promote qi flow in certain meridians in a certain sequence, it helps resolve many types of pain patterns. Its use of movement together with standing makes it ideal for women with menstrual difficulties, menopausal symptoms, or women recovering from childbirth because it promotes free flow of qi through the uterus.