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Feng Shui

Feng Shui (sometimes called “Wind and Water Way”, since feng shui translates as wind water) is an art and science designed to enhance qi flow and focus intention within a given space. Its principles can be applied to a desk, a room, a house, a city block; and in the case of landforms study, the local geography.

Although it is popularly publicized as a way to bring wealth to a home and its inhabitants, its deeper symbolism allows the home to be a sacred space that is approached with intention in order that all aspects of life can move forward in positive ways. On a pragmatic level, many aspects of feng shui are related to making the home or work space safe for those within it, for the Chinese recognized that fright and shock (which can result by being startled or surprised) actually undermine physical health, in turn affecting mental wellbeing.

rebecca in front of dreamdome in williams OR

Rebecca standing in front of the Dreamhill Dome in Williams, Oregon, built according to a combination of feng shui concepts from different schools. For feng shui floor plans, see dreamhill dome feng shui

T’ai chi ch’uan literally translates as “grand ultimate fist”. The grand ultimate is symbolized by what we in the west call the ‘yin-yang symbol’ (the t’ai chi t’u). This symbol illustrates the concept of a still point at the center of dynamic movement.

T’ai chi ch’uan is an excellent adjunct to acupuncture treatment. Because it is a moving exercise, and the movements have been designed to promote qi flow in certain meridians in a certain sequence, it helps resolve many types of pain patterns. Its use of movement together with standing makes it ideal for women with menstrual difficulties, menopausal symptoms, or women recovering from childbirth because it promotes free flow of qi through the uterus.