Recommended Reading: Oriental Medicine & Philosophy

cover art to "Between Heaven & Earth" by Beinfield & Korngold with link to amazon.comBetween Heaven & Earth by Beinfield & Korngold.
Overview of Chinese medicine and five elements theory of diagnosis and treatment of disease; focuses on personality types, case studies (and unfortunately, a plug for their own labeled line of herbal formulas).

Chinese System of Food Cures by Henry C. Lu.
Chinese medical dietary remedies for various chronic and acute illnesses, relating many common foods to the TCM principles of yin, yang, and the 12 organ systems.

Dragon Rises Red Bird Flies
by Leon Hammer, MD
Dr. Hammer,a psychiatrist with training in Oriental Medicine, delineates the various psychological states that relate to imbalances in each of the 12 regular meridians/organ systems of TCM.

The Eleventh Wing by Dr. Khiegh Dhigh.
Dr. Dhigh, one of the founders of the  Taoist Sanctuary in Southern California (and actor who played “Oddjob” in Goldfinger), presents an astute mathematical and historical commentary—wing—on the I Ching.

cover art to "I Ching" by Palmer, Ramsay and Zhao with link to amazon.comI Ching translated by Martin Palmer, Jay Ramsay
and Zhao Xiaomin.
A new translation drawing upon recent archaeological findings, placing the text in historical context, providing poetic interpretation of each hexagram, as well as a breakdown of the Chinese character radicals in each hexagram name.

cover art to Medicine in China by Paul Unschuld with link to amazon.comMedicine in China, Paul Unschuld, University of California Press.
Overview of the historical development of Chinese Medicine, from shamanism, to Daoist Medicine, to modern TCM and China’s complimentary medicine: using Western medicine and acupuncture/herbology side by side in hospital settings.

The Portable Dragon, edited by R.G.H.Siu, MIT Press
Dr. Siu has compiled a version of the I Ching with excerpts from various works of World Literature used to illustrate the meaning of each hexagram’s meaning, line by line.

cover art to source book in chinese philosophy by wing tsit chan with link to amazon.comA Source Book in Chinese Philosophy, transl. by Wing Tsit Chan, Princeton University Press
Overview of all branches of Chinese Philosophy; essential to the newcomer to Oriental Philosophy and Chinese Medicine as a background reference. This is the book I most often recommend to people beginning to take an interest in Taoism and Chinese traditions; it was the text chosen by Dr. Alison Black for her course on Oriental Philosophy at the University of Washington, Seattle, 1980.

cover art to taoteching by red pine with link to amazon.comTao te Ching, transl. Red Pine
Red Pine is a Pacific Northwest poet and translator of Chinese texts; his version of DDJ includes translation of various Chinese commentaries from Daoist, Confucianist and modern interpreters.

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine
by Zhu Ming (trans.).
Beijing University Press.
The key text of Chinese medicine; a new translation, for which Dr. Ming relied upon several English speaking editors as well as other Chinese scholars to render a faithful and readable translation!

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