The need for people today to realize that they are intrinsically connected to people all over the world, from all walks of life—and connected to the planet and all life—is integral to our growth as social & spiritual beings.One powerful, unique tool in this regard is a stream of an ancient wisdom:

the path of the Water Dragon, Shui Long.

Flowing from proto-Daoism & shamanic traditions, Shui Long can open a person to their interconnectedness with nature & with others, so that they become a truly global citizen.

Shui Long is a “family” style of internal martial art & meditation. Like t’ai chi ch’uan or qi gong, it can be practiced solely for physical health benefits—or to unlock the doors of consciousness and reunite the spirit with the cosmos through energy healing, journey work, contact with nature spirits and personal spirit guides.

Each individual is initiated into their relationship with water in a way that honors personal differences.
Shui Long is not a mass produced system
—it is a piece-goods, tailor made to each soul.
Shui Long doesn’t produce soldiers all of a kind,
but warriors, each unique in their perception,
power, & gifts.

For more than 20 years Serguey has worked with many people and can confirm that about 70-80% achieve an altered state of consciousness and enter another reality. The majority, through regular training and mastering their experience in another reality, have met spirit guides.

blue 2 by derek lewis c 2005for inquiries about
Shui Long practice contact:

isabeau vollhardt, m.s.o.m
ashland, oregon, usa

serguey yakushenkov, ph.d.

astrakhan, russia

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