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123 Greetings’ Chinese New Year ECards — check out their free ecards and send greetings for the upcoming year of the rooster to your friends & family!

Apophatic Mysticism in Practice Raymond Sigrist’s continuing studies into mystical traditions includes several worthwhile essays on aspects of Lao-Zhuang Taoism and Zen precepts. — Chinese New Year Ecards,Chinese New Year Cards, Chinese New Year Greetings,Year of Rooster

Isabeau’s website, Cinnabar Swan Healing Arts, has information on Traditional Chinese Medicine, taijiquan and qi gong as well as a links page listing sites with information on qi gong, taoism, and related subjects. Her Recommended Readings Page contains direct click-through links to, as well as a click-through banner for amazon’s canadian and UK sites—purchasing books on daoism and related subjects directly through her page will help support the cost of maintaing this website as banner free!

Cosimo Mendes’ Chi Gung Center in Italy — Taoist Chi Gung & Nei Gung, Tai Chi and the other Internal Arts.

Daoist Center’s retelling of Zhuang Zi’s “The Daoist Swimmer”

The Dragon’s NestRussian language site devoted entirely to dragons in folklore, literature, legend & mythology. Extensive resource.

Faces of Lao Zibeautiful page from Russian language Dao Home page, a catalog of images of Lao Zi by different artists, and links to related sites (many in English language, some in Russian).—Beautifully designed, The Feng Shui Directory & Magazine on line features articles, monthly columns, and more.

Michael Garafalo’s website has tai chi/qi gong links, extensive info linking gardening and spirituality, and more! check it out!

golden dragon tao health associationFocus is on the interelationship between Taoist Acupuncture-Herbology-Ancient Chinese Medicine and internal chi cultivation connections.

Gongfu Switzerland — trilingual (german, french, english) site devoted to internal and external martial arts, Taoism, links to Native American tradition practitioners in Europe, and a discussion board.

The Great Illusionbeautiful original artwork and mind-opening poetry combined to take the viewer on a meditative, metaphysical journey. Well worth the time it takes to upload the graphics!

Guang Ping Yang Tai Ji Quan Association USAassociation of Guang Ping Yang practitioners, devoted to maintaining the style first taught in the US by Master Kuo in San Francisco.

Liquid Mind music for relaxationChuck Wild, former synthesist for Missing Persons, has begun creating music specifically for relaxation, both for the person who works hard, and for the person recuperating from illness. Amazingly transporting music ideal for meditation, taijiquan, treatment rooms, unwinding after a round in the rat race…

The Mayan Site— the Rios family’s extensive informative site on Mayan and Toltec culture as it is currently practiced today in Central America.

Mr. Sage’s Taoism Page — fun, fresh page on daoism with chat options, links, more!

the neijia home page Site devoted to internal martial arts; t’ai chi ch’uan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Aikijujutsu (Jujutsu that emphasize soft power in their training), zhan zhuang (standing practice), and Aikido.

Nothingistican incredible on-line resource featuring complete texts of major philosophy works.

Daibutsuji Zen TempleRev. Dr. Harvey Sodaiho Hilbert, Sensi’s website featuring resources on zen, psychotherapy, counseling, and more, reflecting his credo of practicing Generosity, Patience, Morality, Perseverance, Meditation, and Wisdom

Zhong Yuan qigong school of Grandmaster Xu Ming Tangqigong site has both russian (both keyboards) and english pages; discussion board in both languages also.

qi gong: identification with heaven & earth the result of Wulf Dieterich’s studies in China; detailed explanation of basic exercises, theory, and history of qi gong with illustrations.—The site of Qi Magazine.

The Spirit of Tao Te Ching is Jeff Rassmussen, Ph.D.’s website devoted to his renderings of the Tao Te Ching, and includes links, book suggestions, and more. Beautiful graphics!

t’ai chi &  taoism this page within a Montreal website on t’ai chi ch’uan styles, practice & history is useful for understanding the spiritual significance of internal martial arts, and their development.

The Tai Chi Sitesite devoted to t’ai chi ch’uan, hsing i, ba gua, wing chun & jeet kune do.

Tao Speaks — a discussion board where students and practitioners of religious and Lao-Zhuang Taoism and other meditative traditions share information about spiritual traditions, classic literature, five phase theory, herbalism, internal martial arts, and meditation experiences.

Taoist Restoration Societya nonprofit corporation interested in preserving traditional Taoist culture and religious practice in China. Excellent source of information regarding traditional Taoism.Some background information on Shui Long can be found in their “Filing Cabinet”; also offers a discussion board.

Tapestry: The Institute for Philosophy, Religion, and the Life Scienceseducational website with a focus on nature-based spiritual traditions including Taoism and Medicine Way.

the virtual dance festival’s “dance vision”Steven Malkus’ project to bring the shamanic and meditative traditions back into the experience and performance of dance, with workshops schedule across the country throughout the year.

Words & Images of Tao Te ChingJeff Rassmussen, Ph.D.’s page incorporates original graphics, literal translations of the DDJ from Chinese, and his description of Taoism as a spiritual tradition.

Wulf Dieterich’s Lao Zi Dao De Jing resources—site offers translations of DDJ in both german and English, along with elegant displays of Chinese chraacters.

member of

sponsors of the 1st International Shui Long Workshop, June 2002 — site devoted to local Oregon artists working in all media.

Ashland Food Co-Op — “The Co-Op” has been an important part of the local community for many years; a local cooperative venture, it strives to offer organic foods, local foods, recycled paper and nontoxic biodegradable cleaning products. It informs cooperative members of the latest news that affects the quality of our food supply via their monthly newsletter.

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